Chen taijichuan-bangkok

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Our Instructors

Machiyo Matsuda Pluksaranun Chinese Martial Art 5th Duan Holder

Education History

-Diploma in Taijichuan in Chinese Martial Art from Beijing Sport University, China

-Master of Science in  Rehabilitation Counseling and Counseling Psychology from Emporia State University, U.S.A.

-Bachelor of Art  in English Literature from Tsuda Juku College in Japan

Work History 

Teacher and founder of Chen Taijichuan -Bangkok

Japanese Marketing Manager at Bumrungrad Hospital,  Bangkok Thailand

Individual and Group Counserlor  at Clinical Institute of Addiction Problems, Harajuku Counseling Centre  in Tokyo Japan

Taijichuan Training History

1. Started learning Traditional Yang Style under Master Zhou Cuifang who is the indoor disciple of Master Fu Zhongwen.

2. Completed 2 years formal training to be a Taijichuan teacher under Master Huang Kanhui at Beijing Sport University concentration in Chen Style Taijichuan

3. Completed Training in Laojia Yilu and Erlu  from Master Chen Ziqiang and Chen Xiaoxing at Chenjiagou Martial Art school

4. Practicing and teaching Yang and Chen Taijichuan in Bangkok for 12 years, we started training Chen Taijichuan(Wang Xian Complete System) with Master Marcello Sidoti, who is direct disciple of Grand Master Wang Xian. Master Marcello Sidoti is the 12th generation successor of Chen Taijichuan.

Chaichan Pluksaranun

Education History

Emporia State University, Kansas – Computer Science

Work History

FIMT (Fujikura) – as sales manager

Yurashi – Bangkok (PST Centre) as Therapist

Taijichuan Training History

Each ladder that I stepped on were the path of my Taiji today. You may see the traces of each Master that accumulated in my Taiji.

1. Master Zhou Chui Fang – Traditional Yang Style 85 form, and most Taiji Competition form like 24,32,46, Sword(32,42,56), and Fan.

2. Master Lee Wei Tong – BaquaZhang: DaBaZhang, XiaoBaZhang, and weapons( Stick, Sword, Board Sword). And my weapon practice were based on Master Lee Wei Tong technique.

3, Master Chen ZiQiang the 20th generation of Chen Taiji Family 

4. Master Chen XiaoXin the 19th generation of Chen Taiji Family. What I learnt from in ChenJiaGou is “Only with hard work and sweat then you can go to stars.” But we also discovered that we missed out a lot and need guidance to reach the stars.

5. Master Marcello Sidoti  a friend and a Master, who is a direct disciple of Grand Master WangXian the 19th generation of Chen Taiji. He is willing to teach and guide us on the right path based on Wang Xian Taiji System include Yang ShanGong, BaShi, Taiji QiGong, LaojiaYilu and many many more. He is the founder of WangXian Taiji Italy.

Many Masters that I did not mention above also contributed to my current Taiji knowledge like: Master Huang Kang Hui from Beijing Sport University, Master Yasuda a direct disciple of Grand Master ChenZhenLei the 19th generation of Chen Taiji Family.

Our Grand Master